Corsica Raid adventure 2018

Outdoor Race World Tour set new ranking leaders with Corsica Raid Adventure 2018
Celebrating 25 th edition of the event.


After last event of world series, Valentin Bricquet , Lancelot Blanchard , Andor de Brouhns Stephane Angoli , Antoine Simon with (1.000 points) in Men and the top 3 in woman are Floriane Dufourmentelle (991,5 points), Chiara Cassari(987,6 points) and Nathalie Pomeon (961,3 points) ; Check out down all provisional rankings.

 37 teams with 14 th nationalities represented depart the race divided in teams of 3 (2 racers + assitance-relay) and 4 all time teams.

 Next Stop will be Andorra Ultra Trail on 3-8 July , where will be 1.000 points for winner in diferent distances, and points for all ranked participants.

 Contact us at: if you are interested to participate in the next events.

The ORWT give 6.000 USD in cash prizes for final ranking winners in man and woman. (3.000 USD for Best Man and Woman Adventure racer of the world) To be elegible for final cash prize, racers should finish almost 2 events of the calendar.


video La transmarocaine 2018

Outdoor Race World Tour set first ranking leaders with Transmarocaine event

After first event of world series,Chiara Casari, Stephane Agnolie and Antoine Simon; lead the world ranking. Check out down all provisional rankings.

Five stages including Trail Running, Mountain Biking and other disciplines compse the program of 13 th edition of La Transmarocaine, under a professional organitsation of Go2Events.

Next Stop will be Corsica Raid Aventure on 1-6 June, where will be 1.000 points por best team, and points for all ranked teams.
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The ENDURANCE AVENTURE team represents the RAID INTERNATIONAL GASPÉSIE during the first edition of the LA RUTA MADRE EXPEDITION RACE in Mexico


– On November 16, the team of 3 raiders composed of Bastien Michau, Race Director and responsible for the race course of the Raid International Gaspésie, Daniel Poirier, head of television production of the RIG, and Arnaud Boisvert, athlete of the next generation who participated 2 times at the RIG, and Patricia Desgagné (as assistant), head of international relations and communications for the RIG, flew to Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico, to participate in the first edition of the RUTA MADRE EXPEDITION RACE organized by Javier Barreda of Yeti Adventure and his team.


This participation allowed the organizers of the RIG to live the experience of an adventure raid from the point of view of the participants and to experience the emotions lived by the athletes and their support team ... First observation: it is much more relax from being on this side of the stage rather than behind the scenes of the organization!


But RUTA MADRE was an intense high-caliber experience, where orienteering skills and great knowledge of the ropes and canyoning of Bastien Michau proved to be essential to successfully complete this race. The great experience in International Raid and the strength and endurance of Daniel Poirier have also been of great help to plan the race and to pull his teammates on a steep rise of 18 km bike, such as the impressive fitness of the young Arnaud Boisvert, 22, skimo skier and adventure racer, with a participation in the RIG 300 Km and a victory at the RIG 150 Km in 2017. It was for him a very first experience on an international raid. The team was assisted by Patricia Desgagné, whose knowledge of Spanish was very useful, especially when maps were distributed ... and it was realized that no checkpoints were on the map and that they needed to be put in the mitt, while listening to the descriptions and indications for each of them, orally given, and only in Spanish ... no road book! Fortunately, we also had two Mexican assistants, Javier Barreda, super driver and his pick up, and Eduardo Hugues Gudiño, who spoke excellent French.



The area around the village of Santiago, where the raid took place, is full of beautiful canyons with turquoise water. The organizers, canyoning guides, exploited them well, and the competitors spent 8 hours in canyons, climbing cliffs, rappelling, passing slides and jumps.




(Team Raid International Gaspésie coming out of canyoning)





The start was given at midnight on Saturday, November 20th, and the RIG team crossed the finish line at 11 pm on Sunday night, after 23 hours of non-stop racing. They were warmly congratulated by the first-place Mexicans, who knew the field very well with the following comment: "Well done guys! You have not even been afraid of snakes! Impressive because the place is full of rattlesnakes and coral snakes ... But fortunately, it was a little cold so we did not see any. " … Ah, yes?


Congratulations to the Yéti Aventure team for organizing this first memorable edition of LA RUTA MADRE EXPEDITION RACE, and thank you for the exceptional welcome we received. We are now waiting for the Mexicans in Carleton-sur-Mer for the Raid International Gaspésie 2018! The Vertimania mixed team and the CAE men's team earned an entry for the RIG in the draw for two entries for the raid. Nos vemos en Gaspésie!


To live the adventure of the RIG, here is the TV show of the RIG 2016:

For additional information:


The RUTA MADRE EXPEDITION RACE and the RAID INTERNATIONAL GASPESIE are part of the OUTDOOR WORLD TOUR series set up by German Cuevas. The RUTA MADRE EXPEDITION RACE will be back for a second edition in November 2018.

Here is the Teaser 2017.

For more information: http://www.yetiadventures.m


(Eduardo and Javier at Las Adjuntas Transition)


De Sol a Sol Uruguay

Outdoor Race Premium Sud America


The De Sol a Sol Uruguay is a 300km Stage Race.

SETIEMBRE 15, 16 y 17

Teams can be either 2, 3 or 4 people (male, female, or mixed). The race will feature these sports: Trekking, Mountain Bike, Canoe, .and some surprises!

The RIG is a 4 days Stage Race. Teams can be either 2 or 4 people (male, female, or mixed). Each team must have a support crew. The race will feature these sports: Trekking, Mountain Bike, Canoe, Ropes (zip-line, rappel, rope bridge, etc.) and some surprises!

Sin City Adventure Challenge;

US Outdoor Race World Tour Event SEPTEMBER 1-4, 2017



8/31 12-4 pm Check-in/Registration, Social A, the Linq

6-8 pm

Pre-race meeting/dinner, Social A, the Linq

9/1 7-8

am Gear boxes/Bikes loaded, High Roller Parking Lot

8 am Depart for Start

11  am Stage 1 Start

9/2 11 am Stage 1 Finish/Course Closes

12 pm Teams return to Las Vegas

7-10 pm Stage 2 Prologue, the Wheelhouse, High Roller, Linq Promenade

9/3 7-8 am Gear boxes and bikes to Wheelhouse

9 am Stage 2 START, the Wheelhouse

9/4 6 pm Stage 2 FINISH/Course Closes, the Wheelhouse

8 pm Post-race social, TBA

Live event :

Galicia – 7-14 May 2017

The mountains that surround the Bin El Ouidane lake at Morocco, host the first event of the Outdoor Race World Tour 2017,


 the Transmarocaine.27 teams of 2 competed to be the first number 1 #ORWT 2017 Ranking.At this 12th Edition the Teams completed 5 stages throught more than 180 km biking, orientering, canoeing,...

 The Transmarocaine is a clear example of the Outdoor Race World Tour philosophy, a combinaction of great competitiveness, mixed with camaraderie, incredible landscapes, a perfect organization, safety, etcAll the event activity could be followed on our social networks, working together with the event resources. & web


 The first classifieds were Toma Pardoen y Sebastien kneuss, ( Team RAIDLINKS 07- ) after a hard daily race performance.The next Outdoor Race World Tour event will be the Raid Gallaecia Couples, at Galicia, Spain, that will be held at the historical Galician End of the World. A 450km challenge that will take all the participants to their límit. 

 You’ll can follow the event thanks to the ORWT and associated means.Don’t miss this fantàstic event. Stay tunned starting 7th of may throught our live tracking web page

Pictures Day 1

Pictures Day 2

Pictures Day 3

Pictures Day 4