De Sol a Sol Uruguay

Outdoor Race Premium Sud America


The De Sol a Sol Uruguay is a 300km Stage Race.

SETIEMBRE 15, 16 y 17

Teams can be either 2, 3 or 4 people (male, female, or mixed). The race will feature these sports: Trekking, Mountain Bike, Canoe, .and some surprises!

The RIG is a 4 days Stage Race. Teams can be either 2 or 4 people (male, female, or mixed). Each team must have a support crew. The race will feature these sports: Trekking, Mountain Bike, Canoe, Ropes (zip-line, rappel, rope bridge, etc.) and some surprises!

Sin City Adventure Challenge;

US Outdoor Race World Tour Event SEPTEMBER 1-4, 2017



8/31 12-4 pm Check-in/Registration, Social A, the Linq

6-8 pm

Pre-race meeting/dinner, Social A, the Linq

9/1 7-8

am Gear boxes/Bikes loaded, High Roller Parking Lot

8 am Depart for Start

11  am Stage 1 Start

9/2 11 am Stage 1 Finish/Course Closes

12 pm Teams return to Las Vegas

7-10 pm Stage 2 Prologue, the Wheelhouse, High Roller, Linq Promenade

9/3 7-8 am Gear boxes and bikes to Wheelhouse

9 am Stage 2 START, the Wheelhouse

9/4 6 pm Stage 2 FINISH/Course Closes, the Wheelhouse

8 pm Post-race social, TBA

Live event :

Galicia – 7-14 May 2017

The mountains that surround the Bin El Ouidane lake at Morocco, host the first event of the Outdoor Race World Tour 2017,


 the Transmarocaine.27 teams of 2 competed to be the first number 1 #ORWT 2017 Ranking.At this 12th Edition the Teams completed 5 stages throught more than 180 km biking, orientering, canoeing,...

 The Transmarocaine is a clear example of the Outdoor Race World Tour philosophy, a combinaction of great competitiveness, mixed with camaraderie, incredible landscapes, a perfect organization, safety, etcAll the event activity could be followed on our social networks, working together with the event resources. & web


 The first classifieds were Toma Pardoen y Sebastien kneuss, ( Team RAIDLINKS 07- ) after a hard daily race performance.The next Outdoor Race World Tour event will be the Raid Gallaecia Couples, at Galicia, Spain, that will be held at the historical Galician End of the World. A 450km challenge that will take all the participants to their límit. 

 You’ll can follow the event thanks to the ORWT and associated means.Don’t miss this fantàstic event. Stay tunned starting 7th of may throught our live tracking web page

Pictures Day 1

Pictures Day 2

Pictures Day 3

Pictures Day 4