A 3 Days tourism In the spectacular areas close to Lago Puelo and  3 days, non-stop, multi-discipline expedition challenge for 10/12  experienced adventure racing teams who just want to race. Not all will finish, only one will win.


"Lago Puelo XK Outdoor Traverse is A fantastic combination of tourism and 3 days of non stop expedition in Patagonia Argentina"


  • An undiluted challenge for those who recognise adventure even without a hashtag
  • Just an expedition race. It shouldn’t change your life – that’s what children and diseases are for – it should confirm that you are still committed to living your life
  • Out there for those who don’t need to be convinced

Lago Puelo XK Outdoor Traverse  is NOT:

  • For the masses – those who Vasbyt are a bit tougher, a bit rougher, slightly more capable
  • Available in LITE format
  • Centered around tourism

There’s not much more we really want to tell you apart from the necessary logistics. The idea is to get you out there into the unknown like true explorers with no route scouting, no google mapped images, no pre-gathered information.

Old school racers know and respect the rules.


KITLIST with specific requirements :

Compulsory Personal Equipment – carried at all times – One per person

  • Whistle
  • Waterproof Jacket
  • Thermal Top
  • Midlayer Top
  • Thermal Bottom
  • Survival Blanket
  • Warm head cover / Buff
  • Headtorch wth spare batteries
  • Sleeping bag

Compulsory Team Equipment – carried at all times

  • First Aid Kit
  • 2 Compass
  • 1 Knife
  • 1 Tent / Shelter
  • 1 Cell phone
  • 2 Camera
  • 1 Firelighter
  • Route Book, Maps, CP card, GPS Tracker – Provided by the organisers.

Compulsory Personal Equipment – Mountain Biking

  • Mountain Bike
  • Helmet
  • Night Light System
  • Back Light – Red flashing

Compulsory Personal Equipment – Water Activities

  • Paddle – split shaft
  • PFD
  • Whistle

Compulsory Team Equipment – Water Activities

  • 24 Glow Sticks
  • 2 Throw Bag – 10m (tbc)

Compulsory Personal Equipment – Rope Activities

  • 1 Descending device capable for use on double rope
  • 2 Slings – at least 90cm long
  • 3 Carabiners – (at least one self locking)

Compulsory Team Equipment – Rope Activities

  • 20m rope (min 6mm thick)


The event will take place in the Western Cape. The start / finish will be kept secret and released at the last possible moment. This is to ensure you arrive on the start line with NO idea of what is ahead.

If you live in the Western Cape, you will drive. If you live elsewhere, you will drive further but you do not need to budget for more than a day traveling. You will be given enough information prior to arrival in order to prepack and preplan most of your logistics.


  • 20 November: Arrival of international teams
  • 21 November: Cruise to visit Lake Puelo
  • 22 November: Visit Glacier
  • 23 November: Free day
  • 24 Nov – Register, TA box hand in, Start PRE Race,  international teams .
  • 25 Nov – Register, TA box hand in,  START PRE Race Sud American Teams teams .
  •   26 nov – Expedition finish
  •   26 Nov – Prize giving Diner

Entry details

  • 4 person mixed teams
  • Expedition race credentials vital – only experienced teams will be accepted
  • 10/12 teams only


  • 400 $ U.S. per person = 1600$ U.S.  per team
    • 1600 $ U.S. non-refundable deposit due within one week of your application being successful
    • 1700$ U.S. non-refundable payment due by the 30th September 2017
    • 2000 U.S. final payment due by 15th October 2017


  • Navigation – 1:50 000 maps
  • Running/Trekking
  • Mountain Biking
  • Paddling
  • Rope work – unaided

Distance / Race time

  • A course will be set for teams to tackle with the intention that lead teams will complete the course in 2 – 2 ½ days – no hanging around for days after you finish
  • Slower teams having been short coursed at the last opportune moment.

Transitions / support

  • No support crew needed
  • No supporters allowed out on the course


  • Compulsory Equipment – will include the standard AR stuff
  • Boats – will be provided, you will need to bring your own paddles
  • Rope work – exact requirements to be confirmed


invites racers who know and respect the general AR rules which are applied for safety and to facilitate a fair race. Action will be taken against a team which deliberately manipulates or misinterprets the rules to benefit themselves.

In essence:

  • Keep your moral compass firmly set on Integrity and don’t stray in the general direction of Win-at-all-Costs
  • Stay together at all times
  • Stay equipped with mandatory gear at all times
  • Stay out of touch with the outside world at all times
  • Don’t take the bus

More specifically (with thanks to Godzone for reference; these are standard AR rules, with no surprise additions. These may be updated periodically here. Latest, final and binding version will be included in your Team Handbook)

Last update 09 Aug 2017


  1. Mandatory “Personal” equipment must be carried by each individual competitor Mandatory “Team” equipment may be carried by anyone on the team
  2. If a piece of mandatory equipment is lost during the race, you must report this to the race official at the next TA and cannot leave TA until replacement is found
  3. Prohibited Items:
    – GPS, Mobile phones, radios, smart phones, internet, computers or other communication devices other than those provided by the event
    – Distance measuring devices with exception only of cycle odometer
  4. Only official race maps as provided by the organisers
  5. No equipment, food, provisions or anything else is permitted to be dropped or cached by teams or supporters on the course prior to the start.


  1. Once the Maps and Team Handbook are given to teams, friends, family, media and supporters are not permitted to assist in any race preparation, planning, route information, access any team equipment or in any way provide assistance to the team in their preparation
  2. FFM&S are not permitted to pass important race-related information such that might allow a team to gain an unfair advantage
  3. No assistance may be sought from the general public that involves the team or their equipment being moved in any way or assisting their movement along the course

Team Travel and the Race Course

  1. Teams must complete the race course as specified in the Team Handbook, from the Start Line, through race checkpoints (CPs) and transition areas (TAs), by the racing discipline specified and to the Finish Line. The first team to complete the course, with any penalties taken into consideration, will be considered the winning team
  2. Team members are not permitted to knowingly travel on any part of the course prior to the start
  3. Teams must start and finish with the specified number of members
  4. Unless specified, stages of the event and CP’s must be visited in order
  5. Teams must check in at manned and unmanned TAs or CPs via the method adopted by the Race Organisers. Failure to do this is considered “Missing” a CP or TA.
  6. If a team visits the physical location of where a CP marked on their race map should be, and no CP is found (it may have been stolen or incorrectly placed), the team must prove they visited the correct location represented on the map by taking digital photos to show the Race Director at the next TA or Finish.   The Race Director may also reference any tracking devices carried by the team to satisfy themselves the team was in the correct location
  7. No credit is given if a team incorrectly plots a CP on their maps
  8. If an unmanned CP is missed, a team is permitted to return using the most direct and permitted route to collect that CP.  Any part of the course they had completed past this CP is no longer valid.  They must complete the course from that CP onwards as specified in the Course notes and Race maps
  9. Teams must not travel in Out of Bounds areas (these will be marked on the maps)

Team or Team Member Withdrawal

  1. In the case of withdrawal of a team member, or an entire team, Event HQ must be notified by the quickest possible means
  2. If one or more team members decides to withdraw from the race, the whole team must accompany that member to the nearest TA or specified point. Permission must be obtained from Event HQ if the team wishes to continue on the course Unranked.

Medical & Emergencies

  1. The event organisers decision to remove a person due to medical or safety reasons is final
  2. Intravenous Fluids (IV) may only be administered by approved medical staff. Any administration of IV fluids will result in the team becoming Unranked
  3. Should a team require medical assistance it is the decision of the event medical staff and race management team who will decide when and if that team is permitted to continue
  4. If you or your team comes across someone (be they involved with the event or not) who is in a genuine emergency situation, you MUST stop and give assistance. Organisers will attempt to re-credit lost time where possible
  5. Emergency communications devices should only be used in a situation where you require immediate assistance, or if there is a real danger to yourself or others in the event
  6. Use of the emergency tracking device for assistance purposes will automatically mean that the Team becomes Unranked

Penalties and Disqualification

  1. Deliberately breaking any rule to gain advantage will result in disqualification
  2. Any penalties will be awarded and applied by the Race Director. Teams will be notified of any penalties as soon as possible on the course
  3. Failure to carry an item of mandatory kit will mean that the team will not be able to continue until a replacement is found. A time penalty will be applied for items depending upon safety impact
  4. Unintentional breaches of the rules and forgetting of equipment will receive a bespoke penalty depending the severity of the offence
  5. In the case of missing Mandatory Equipment the penalty clock will start once a replacement has been found
  6. Unless officially Short coursed, teams failing to reach a TA or CP will be deemed to be Unranked
  7. Teams will have 12 hours after the Finish to appeal any decision


  1. No fires unless in an emergency
  2. Respect wildlife, all farm stock and fences
  3. No litter left on course
  4. Be discreet and conscientious about where you BK


  1. Competitors may not remove, tamper or adjust event equipment at any time
  2. Competitors must follow any additional rules outlined in any of the race briefings
  3. Competitors must also follow directions issued by Event Officials
  4. Any complaints or protests must be in writing and submitted to Event HQ within 12hrs of either finishing or withdrawing from the event.


  1. Overall, respect the sport, your team and your fellow racers and do not bring our sport into disrepute. Race Director will not be sympathetic to teams attempting to use loop holes in the above rules.