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Looking for people to share adventure .
Canberra .
September 30
5 days racing.

A life time memories .
Wildside Adventure Race

WildsideAR is the Aus leg of this brand new international circuit of races that embraces exploration and discovery. 13 races across the globe all created by racers for racers.

Looking for people to share adventure .
Canberra .
September 30
5 days racing.

A life time memories .
Wildside Adventure Race

2017 Race Info

Australia’s capital – Canberra – is the home of WildsideAR Expedition Edition. This race promises to be chock full of adventure.


WildsideAR™ is about the journey - discovering that adventure is everywhere. It is about challenging competitors, taking them to new places and out of their comfort zone. WildsideAR™ is also about showcasing a region - providing an opportunity to connect people with places and communities.


WildsideAR™ will be one of the must do adventure races in Australia, attracting national and international teams.

The race

As the name suggests WildsideAR™ will take racers to the wild sides of places. Teams will navigate through spaces and places rarely visited. They will encounter challenges as they traverse demanding landscapes in all weather conditions, day and night. This is expedition racing - teams need to be self-sufficient. They will pack supply tubs which will be moved around the course and carry equipment, food and first aid supplies with them. The planning and strategy that goes along with this style of racing is a skill within itself.




The Wildside Adventure Race Expedition Edition will take you to the wilds. In a teams of 2 or 4 you will navigate through spaces rarely visited. You will encounter challenges as you traverse demanding landscapes in all weather conditions, day and night. This is adventure racing. Your team will have up to 5 days to complete the journey, navigating from checkpoint to checkpoint by foot, mountain bike and kayak set against a magnificent backdrop, where you will be a part of nature. If you have been searching for that next big challenge or for an adventure that will create memories that will last a lifetime then this is your answer.



Sat., 30/09/2017, 5:00 pm –

Sat., 07/10/2017, 10:00 am


Trekking - travel on foot over any type of terrain; it could be on trails or roads, or off-trail through forests, creek beds, and mountain ranges. What some teams consider as "trail running" might be "hiking" to another - it can depend on your route selection, how far into the race you are, time of day, & any number of factors. There will be a considerable amount of off-trail travel in WildsideAR. Racers will have to scramble, bush bash, & perse vere through a wide variety of terrain.
Mountain Biking - WildsideAR will feature a wide range of mountain biking - easy rolling fire trails, technical single track, big climbs, and anything in between. Also, racers will be required to assemble/disassemble their bikes on more than one occasion.
Paddling - The waterways of WildsideAR range from wide ocean bays, to relaxing rivers, to clear lakes to rushing rivers. Wind can turn the average patch of blue into a tricky pad dling challenge, and the course will have a wide variety of both calm & moving water.
Navigation - Using map and compass to find your way is integral to WildsideAR. Many sections of the race are wide open in terms of route selection and how teams should progress, usually with several options and at times there may be NO trails or roads. Bush bashing, creek following, etc will be a big component of this race. The topographic maps show the locations of race checkpoints that must be visited in sequence, and it is up to each team to select their exact route. Invariably, teams gain and lose hours of time in the race based on these strategic navigation decisions.
Packrafting - using small, inflatable crafts to cross or float down rivers, streams and lakes, even run rapids or cross bays. There is a skill in gear and team mate placement with packrafts as how you ‘pack’ will dictate how comfortable teams are & how fast they move.
Swimming - WildsideAR will have some swimming. It may be to access a checkpoint or a team may elect to swim as the best option to keep moving forward.
Ropes - There may be a fixed rope section in the race. The ropes courses will be man aged and tested by ropes experts and will be closely supervised by certified professional






There is a heap of information to share with you about WildsideAR. Here you will find out the race, why we have created it, what it involves, what you can expect and also a bit about us – Fully Rad Adventures.

WildsideAR has grown out of the need to get more ‘big’ adventure races on the Australian calendar. The best way to train and develop a team, the biggest part of AR, is to race. The problem is that there are only a handful of long adventure races on offer. So we have created a race that will go some way to filling this gap. It will serve as a training ground for racers wanting a challenge beyond 24/48hrs and looking at racing expedition races such as XPD.

WildsideAR is fundamentally about you. We want it to be the kind of event you want to do every two years, an event you look forward to. WildsideAr will take you somewhere new. You will be a different racer after you have done this race – that we can promise.

Fully Rad Adventures
Fully Rad Adventures is a new outdoor event company. Its founders, Richard & Danielle have collectively over 35yrs event industry experience and have been active in the ad-venture sports industry for the last 15yrs. Both have managed a variety of events from outdoor concerts, cultural festivals, sporting events, and multiple day adventure races. They have also travelled and explored extensively in North American, the UK and Indo-nesia .
Fully Rad Adventures has an ethos centred on a passion for the outdoors, exploring, pushing boundaries and the benefits of special events to the individual and communities. Events are not only a way for indi-viduals to create lifelong memories but they are a valuable tool for communities and regions to market themselves and generate community wellbeing.
Richard lives and breathes events & adventures. He has been in the events, market-ing & tourism industry for 23yrs. He has created and managed large scale communi-ty festivals, sporting events, official functions, opening ceremonies and concerts. With expertise in communication, creativity and community engagement Richard guided the Great Lakes region of NSW towards a focus on adventure sport and the outdoors as the corner stone of its branding.
Richard is the Race Director for the Forster Adventure Race, Co-Director of Running Scared and an accomplished adventure sport competitor racing multi and single day events, including 3 XPD’s, as well as 11 Ironman finishers.
Danielle can create engaging events from thin air. She has been involved in the events, marketing and promotions industry for over 15yrs.
Danielle has coordinated a wide range of sporting, cultural and community events within unique landscapes including the Forster Adventure Race and Australia Day celebrations (awarded Best Australia Day 03). She has researched marketing and events in the US and Canada.
Danielle is the Co-Director of Running Scared as well as an active adventurer racer competing in multi-sport, triathlons and ultra-distance events. She is also a qualified primary school teacher.
Contact Fully Rad Adventures
richard@fullyradadventures.com.au | 0402519521

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