Sin City Adventure Challenge; US

SEPTEMBER 1-4, 2017


Registration Opens March 1, 2017

The only US stop on the Outdoor Race World Tour lands in Sin City September 1-4. Teams of two or four will cover approximately 450 km over three days of racing on courses that combines back country and urban travel. This stage race format will utilize all of the activites and locations that has made Las Vegas one of the world's top tourist destinations.

To qualify for the cash purse and the entry into the ORWT Costa Rica (October 2017) teams MUST COMPLETE ALL THREE STAGES (12 hr, 22 hr, 30 hr). Teams will be required to obtain all checkpoints during each stage. The team with the shortest cummulative time will be the overall winner. There will be stage-specific prizes.

As an added feature, teams may compete in one or two stages based on experience and skill set. These teams will be eligible for the daily prizes, but NOT for the overall purse.

The Outdoor Race World Tour has been designed to provide an avenue for teams to become professional in the sport of adventure racing. With 10 of the world's best adventure races on their schedule, the Happy Mutant is honored to produce the only stop in the US.

The unique opportunities that Las Vegas presents in location and lifetsyle combined with the rugged outdoors that live only miles away from the Strip will make this an event that you will be talking about for years.

Racers will be transported from our host hotel to a remote start locations for this event. Along the way the traditional disciplines of paddling, biking, hiking/running, canyoneering and ropes will be found. There will be some Las Vegas specific-disciplines and special tests on the path as well as teams negotiate the day and night life of one of the world's most popular tourist destinations.

Outdoor Race World Tour Costing (full race, 3 stages)
2-person EARLY registration $900.00 USD
2-person regular registration $1,250.00 USD
4-person EARLY registration $2,000.00 USD
4-person regular registration $2,500.00 USD

Stage 1
2-person registration $300.00
4-person registration $600.00

Stage 2
2-person registration $500.00
4-person registration $1,000.00

Guaranteed minimum $15,000.00 cash*
*requires at least 10 registered teams
First Team #ORWT :

Entry for 2017 ORWT Costa Rica Event

Registration Opens March 1, 2017

Racer Update #2


My trip to Las Vegas starts in about 24 hours. My truck is loaded with gear, swag and more swag. And along the way, I will be stopping in Kansas City to pick up even more stuff for y’all! If you need to get ahold of me please staff  .

Just want to touch on a couple things

You will not need climbing gear. Any and all rope segments will have

gear provided.

There will be several waivers to sign both during check-in and while on

course. Some of our venues require a staff member present when you



are in full force in the Mojave Desert.

We have eliminated as many issues as possible. This will be

discussed during our prerace meeting.

During Stage 1, there will be water available at the TAs and there will be some water drops at CPs. You will still be required to carry up to

three liters. Stage

1 segment breakdown




down river, no rapids, during the day (plan on 5-6 hours).


will be on ovh trails, trails, washes and roads, there will be at

least one (1) water drop, this section will be through the night

(plan on up to 10 hours).


this is NOT a technical section, ovh trails and gravel roads, there

will be some trekking areas within this section, there will be one

(1) water drop during this section, will be completed in the

morning hours (plan for 8-9 hours).


The air temperature during the day WILL exceed 100c/37.7f.

As a result :


We may be required to implement “HEAT ZONES”. These will be

mandatory rest/hydration locations. Teams may be required to stay in

the HZ for a minimum 30 minutes.


bins: teams of four can have 2 bins, teams of 2 can have 1. Please

remember that if an item starts in your bin when you reach a TA, the

lid must still fit when you leave.



Stage 1

will be 1:50,000 maps from MyTopo (some CPs will be pre-plotted,

you will need to plot some in the field), you will also receive the

OVH trail map for the area.

Stage 2/Stage 2 prologue will

be 1:24,000 maps from MyTopo. Again, some points will be plotted

for you and some will need to be plotted.


Mobile phones will not be sealed. You can call HQ if there is an issue on course without penalti.

During all aspects of Stage 2 it may be advantageous to utilize any

technology available. This includes your mobile phone, Google Earth,

Siri, etc. We will be in an urban environment that lends itself to

more than just a map and compass.

Any ctivity during the race that involves the consumption of alcohol

will be voluntary and a non-alcoholic option will be offered.

Teams receiving a comp or discounted room will need to check-in to the Linq’s regular line. You will be required to pay the resort fee (I

can’t get that waived).



8/31 12-4 pm Check-in/Registration, Social A, the Linq

6-8 pm

Pre-race meeting/dinner, Social A, the Linq

9/1 7-8

am Gear boxes/Bikes loaded, High Roller Parking Lot

8 am Depart for Start

11  am Stage 1 Start

9/2 11 am Stage 1 Finish/Course Closes

12 pm Teams return to Las Vegas

7-10 pm Stage 2 Prologue, the Wheelhouse, High Roller, Linq Promenade

9/3 7-8 am Gear boxes and bikes to Wheelhouse

9 am Stage 2 START, the Wheelhouse

9/4 6 pm Stage 2 FINISH/Course Closes, the Wheelhouse

8 pm Post-race social, TBA

-"Compilate in an circuit, whith  the best Outdoor Races ,  and  give the possibility to the participants to become pro outdoor racer."

* indicates required

Outdoor Race World Tour