October 2017

Outdoor Race Premium Central America


The teams will have to find, all along the way, Check Points (CP) following the Road book delivered to them on the first day of race. Each missed CP will be sanctioned by a time penalty on the final timing of the race.


  • Teams of two, three or four participants.
  • Stages that will make you will feel like you are all alone in the world
  • Approximately 200 km to 300 km of challenges and discoveries in the great outdoors (advanced sections)
  • International teams.
  • Television production with Uruguay Tv, and international distribution.


  • Running/walking along paths, rivers, and forests
  • Orientation on unmarked courses and off-road
    Mountain biking
  • Canoeing in lakes and rivers
  • Adventure swimming in sea, rivers, and marshes
  • Rope challenges
  • Several other surprises!

-"Compilate in an circuit, whith  the best Outdoor Races ,  and  give the possibility to the participants to become pro outdoor racer."

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