November 2017

Dates: 18-20 November 2017.

Outdoor Race Core Mexico

-"Dear competitors, adventurers and mountain sports fans. We are proud to introduce the first edition of “La Ruta Madre”, our goal is to promote the adventure sports in México, ecotourism, explore the wonders that nature offers to us and live a bunch of emotions together."

Our race requires good physical and mental strength, has more than 100 km of distance and more than 6,000 meters of elevation gain. Considering technical knowledge and physical strength in different mountain sports so that the finishers can say proudly that they did it. We will run through canyons, cross rivers, walk along typical villages of the region, ascend and descend in waterfalls, admiring landscapes worth of the Sierra Madre Oriental and why not, we will start and finish in the “magical village” of Santiago, Nuevo León.

Here the general information and technical details:

Host: Santiago, Nuevo León. A 30 minutos de Monterrey, Nuevo León.
Dates to consider: 18-20 November 2017.
Estimated distance: 100 kilometers.
Estimated elevation gain: 6,200 meters of elevation gain.
1st place prize: $100,000 MN (about $5,000 USD). Free entry next edition.
2nd place prize: $70,000 MN (about $3,500 USD).
3rd place prize: $30,000 MN (about $1,500 USD).

*Due to Monday November 20 is holiday in México, the prizes in money will be delivered Tuesday 21 of November. In case of winners are Mexican teams, the money can be transferred between national banks with the respective CLABE or bank account, the money will be withdrawn from BBVA Bancomer. In case of winner are foreign teams, the money will be withdrawn and together with the team can be exchange to dollars or euros as preferred, considering the value of the present day.

Start: 00:00 Sunday 19 of November 2017.

Team limit: 60 teams.

Meeting request: 22:00 of Saturday 18 of November 2017, to deliver race packages and instructions. It is mandatory to be present at this moment or before.
Estimated Race time (1st edition): 24 hours.

Course open: 30 hours. 06:00 of Monday 20 of November.
Awards: 14:00 Monday 20 of November.
Airport Host: International Airport General Mariano Escobedo, Monterrey, Nuevo León.

The race will take place in National Park “Cumbres de Monterrey”. The race consists in multiple mountain sports like: mountaineering, trail running, canyoneering, mountain biking, paddling. The competitor need to dominate different abilities as: orienteering, ascend and descend on ropes, paddling techniques, swimming and rock climbing.

Trophies will be rewarded to the top 3 places, medals to all finalists. Welcome kit to all participants.

Entry Fee:
Mexican teams: $10,000 MN per team. (There is a state subsidy). Conditions: 100% Mexican competitors (send official ID) and name of the team referring to México.

Foreign Teams: $1,000 USD per team. Discounts: 15% discount paying before March 31 and 10% discount paying before June 30.

*We do not have a refund policy, neither before the race nor during the race in case the team decides to leave.

Teams of 3 competitors, over 18 years old before the start race date, single category without gender restriction.

Checkpoints and supply:

17 checkpoints.
4 supply stations.
- 4 places where support team intervention is allowed.

In case the team does not have support team, the staff of the race will help with the transport of the equipment and necessary supplies between the transition of the disciplines.

Mandatory equipment:

The staff will check on every checkpoint before starting each stage.
Personal equipment it is not transferable.
Kayak, raft or equipment for the paddling stage will be provided by the race.

Mountain bike
Mountain bike helmet and mountain helmet
Front and back light in MTB
Safety line
Extra batteries
Ascending equipment
Descending equipment
First Aid Kit
Emergency blanket
Lighter / Matches
Personal Flotation Device
Dry Bag / Keg
Footwear suitable for each discipline / stage
Sunscreen biodegradable
Wetsuit, recommended at least torso (vest).
Large duffle bag to transport belongings and equipment of the team between stages (in case of not having support team).
VHF radio (sealed by the race staff)
Food and water enough for each stage

Recommended Equipment:

Trekking poles
Cap / Hat
Warm, waterproof, breathable clothes
Pull straps to help companions
Spot (Find me spot)
Flag in case of foreign teams
Air pump
MTB tubes
MTB tools

-"Compilate in an circuit, whith  the best Outdoor Races ,  and  give the possibility to the participants to become pro outdoor racer."

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