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La Mision 2017


It is already underway the 12th edition of The Mission, an authentic adventure, a trekking race most spectacular and exciting in South America and unique in the world for its format of expedition along four days and three nights, non stop ! The Mission is a special event, without comparison, different than any other. The essence and spirit of this race has to do with the extraordinary experience that one lives in one of the most spectacular landscapes of the Andes in the Patagonia Argentina.

The Mission is a race that is done in self-sufficiency and freedom, because there are no timetables for cuts, everyone chooses their walking pace and where to camping for sleeping. A person can complete the entire route by trekking and stopping to sleep the three nights which covers the race.


The Mission is much more than a race, it is more like a pilgrimage where people made extraordinary efforts to reach the finsih line. Complying The Mission is something that distinguishes you anyone else who completes another race. In The Mission the competition for the ranking is in second place of importance. No matter whether you come first or last, what matters in first place is to complete the course an reach the finsh line.

Manage forces, choosing places to stop to rest, be well equipped, enjoy the scenery and face the vagaries of weather. All this is reflected in our motto “reaching the final is to win.” It is that the mere fact of reaching the finsh line, is a great achievement in the life of a person and get the medal of “Mission Accomplished” in a lifetime reward for the enormous effort.

To complete the mission should not have special skills, you need not be a daredevil climber or a super athlete. To reach the goal must follow the path that is fully signposted by trails and roads in the forest or edges of the summits. While one should be self sufficient and carry the mandatory equipment to face the vagaries of the weather and have a good time during the tour.

Climb huge mountains, beautiful valleys are crossed, crossing streams, lakes border and the race is not suspended due to bad weather. But the best thing is that a person can complete the race simply walking.

This twelfth edition the Mission returns to San Martin de los Andes, one of the most memorable historical tours for its beautiful landscapes. The edges of Cerro Aseret, Laguna Verde, Volcano Achen Niyeu, Auquinco Valley, around the lake Lolog and new paths never before used in a race.

La Mision

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