The RIG is a 4 days Stage Race. Teams can be either 2 or 4 people (male, female, or mixed). Each team must have a support crew. The race will feature these sports: Trekking, Mountain Bike, Canoe, Ropes (zip-line, rappel, rope bridge, etc.) and some surprises!

Sin City Adventure Challenge; US SEPTEMBER 1-4, 2017

WildSide Expedition Australia

WildsideAR is about the journey - discovering that adventure is everywhere. It is about challenging competitors, taking them to new places and out of their comfort zone. WildsideAR is also about showcasing a region - providing an opportunity to connect people with places and communities.

De Sol a Sol Uruguay

Outdoor Race Premium Sud America


The De Sol a Sol Uruguay is a 300km Stage Race. SETIEMBRE 15, 16 y 17 Teams can be either 2, 3 or 4 people (male, female, or mixed). The race will feature these sports: Trekking, Mountain Bike, Canoe, .and some surprises!


Corsica Raid Adventure

Corsica 2-7 June 2017

Raid Gallaecia Couples

Galicia – 7-14 May 2017


Raid Galaecia Couples

  • Dates: 7 – 14 May 2017
  • Where: North A Coruña region – Galicia – Spain
  • Distance: 450 Km Total Race *
  • Race time:
    • 75 hours Winner
    • 126 hours Close Race
  • Disciplines: Trekking, mountain bike, coastering, kayak, ropes
  • Team categories:
    • Teams of 2 members in #ORWT  Ranking


Whats Transmarocaine

Transmarocaine is an integral Sport Orienteering, organized for the first time in 2006.
Since then it takes place every year and enjoyed great success with demanding sportsmen and nature lovers.
Each year, some 40 to 50 teams of 2 people (on average, 50% of men teams, mixed teams 35% and 15% girls teams), are participating in this adventure is to win this race became legendary for European stiffness or to do well in the rankings. In the end, everyone want to live a great adventure with his or her partner.